Most of us started the business side of things unintentionally.  We were using a product that we loved, and decided to share it with our friends and family.  From there, a business grew.  There is great opportunity with Young Living, and many of our leaders are experiencing that right now.  You do not have to be a "sales person" to succeed.  Young Living's simple business model is: "Love it?  Share it!"  It's that easy!  

If you decide to pursue a Young Living business, we have resources to help you get started.  We have an entire private website dedicated to graphics, class scripts, social media images, business documents, tools to help you get organized and more!  

Please know that neither Young Living or Essential Families will ever pressure you to sell.  If the desire is there, we can provide the resources.  Otherwise, we are happy with you enjoying and learning about your product and nothing more.  Promise!

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